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21 August 2030 @ 12:31 pm
Since I'm forgetful, a list of what I should check now and then must be made

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29 March 2015 @ 10:44 am


Nhật ký đu giai chắc phần cuối nếu k nhớ thêm ra gì. Viết trong tình trạng bụng sôi lên như vẫn còn khuẩn tả
1-6pm, nắng nóng mệt mỏi và chen lấn xô đẩy. Hụt toàn bộ package cổ cũ mình đã nhắm, mà sau đó đc cho banner sn Hun và bóng exo, phiu linh thiếu nữ yêu Sái nhưng k đc đáp lại mà toàn có duyên vs Xô :((( chen lấn suýt lạc nhau, còn chui nhầm khu A1

Me and my friend stood at the brown circled area. The artists start performing on the main stage, but most are on the middle stage, thus I got an eyefull of their back yesterday.

~18:30, things felt better when the show had started.
First was a dance intro with led outfit, Key appeared as DJ, then to the artist introduction. EXO was right in front of me and SHINee stood not so far away.

APINK started first, if I don't remember it wrong. They sang LUV, moved to the center stage and continued with Nonono and Mr.Chu (how pathetic of me when I could only remember Nonono's jpn version well). The girls did so much fanservice and were pretty friendly. They noticed and waved, did naughty expression to us who were supposed to be behind them. Eunji even gave out the mic for fans and thumbed up upon seeing everyone knew the song. Bomi was bloody cute as well, she turned around to wave at us many times during group greeting. Now to think about it, all of A Pink went to our corner to greet us during their part.

Knowing no one from GOT7 but they're all cute, however one of the boys looked extremely exhausted, as if he was sick. TeenTop, Sistar and BLOCKB are all good, I enjoyed their perfs despite being unfamiliar to them.

Special stage, Chanyeol on guitar, he and Suho, Xiumin and Chen sang a vietnamese song. Felt like I could just die there. Chanyeol's expressing when he was on guitar is priceless.
Pretty annoyed during EXO part, since so many fans held up phones to record, as well banner, uchiwa, led name board. Concentrated mostly on Kai and Sehun.
As expected from the main dancer, Kai danced well, but I expected better so was a lil bit disappointed. And, he's darker than the Korean members, but I don't think his skin is that dark XD I as well should say that he's quite attractive, in how he looked everything he does.
Unlike his normally cold state, Sehun did wave and smile towards us when he went down stage during Growl (and his butt is not as big as I expected, forgot to pad it up?) When it came to freestyle, the boy put on a foolish expression and spinning around, which was extremely cute (my friend told me he was more energetic during encore, but my eyes must have fixed on Taem in that part).
Chanyeol was so cool when he did his rap part that I could not tear my eyes of that rapping figure in the center of the formation.
Beakhyun made fans happy, he wore the palm-leaf conical hat that fans threw on stage (Kai got one but returned it, sadly)

Got totally blowed up at each and evr perfs of SHINee. Lots of exo fans came, but SHINee had the most stage time. Solo of Taem and Jjong - Danger and Deja-Boo, group perf of Sherlock, Everybody and WSS. Encore with a song quite familiar but cannot think of the name for now.
Since I'm their fan, this could have been only my biased judgement, or it's really because they're a senior group, but WHAT AN SPECTACULAR. Five of them shone the stage with their powerful dance movements and strong vocals, the live performances are unparalleled. As a fan, I could not help being happy to see that many others complimented them as well.
Key also had a special vietnamese stage with JB and Chunji. His voice was unexpectedly and incredibly sweet :( I teared up a lil' listening to him.

During the all artist song Run to you and encore medley, the boys mostly stayed with their group, so no KaiTaem moment :( however at the end, Kai picked up a conical hat and poked the top at Taem's hip to give him (it's also reported that Kai gave another SHINee hat to Jjong, but I was so hyper abt KaiTaem that I saw no other XD)
I missed both chances to see them at the airport *sigh* please come back here :((( or someday I must try to see you.

25 January 2012 @ 12:31 am
Originally posted by obstinatrix at To UK Flisties
Originally posted by de_nugis at To UK Flisties
(Taken most recently from amberdreams, slightly adapted.)

If you're from the UK and you believe in freedom of speech and an uncensored interenet, you really need to sign this petition. There are others floating about, but that particular one is the best way to ensure that your voice gets heard. It's hosted on the directgov website and addresses parliament directly. If it gets more than 100,000 signatures, it becomes eligible for discussion in the House of Commons.

Everyone's been getting so worked up over SOPA -- and rightly so -- that ACTA seems to have slipped under the radar. This is hugely problematic, because ACTA is a similar bill, but it has the potential to be far more damaging than SOPA ever could be.

Some people seem to have this misconception that ACTA is the 'European SOPA', but that simply isn't true. It's a global treaty, and it's already been signed by eight countries, including the US, Japan, New Zealand and Singapore. Europe votes on Thursday. If they vote 'no', the bill will have to be taken back to the drawing board and reformulated, which should buy us some time at the very least.

If you think this doesn't affect you, you're wrong. If ACTA passes, it could well signal the end of the internet as we know it, and that isn't an exaggeration. It's not just about watching movies and television online. If ACTA passes, sites like YouTube, Livejournal, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and even Google and Wikipedia could become impossible to maintain. ACTA would allow ISPs to monitor your net activity and cut off internet access for your entire household if one person is suspected of breaching copyright. Think Big Brother is Watching. I don't think I need to emphasise just how damaging it can be to be without internet access in this day and age, when we rely so heavily on technology.

It's not only bloggers and fandom that would be affected, either. Small businesses, independent film-makers and unsigned musicians who have previously found their niche online would also suffer hugely, and would be at risk of being bullied into submission by Hollywood and multinational corporations under accusations of copyright infringement. All those artists who found fame by uploading covers of songs to YouTube would never have had the opportunity to do so under ACTA, as those cover versions would be prohibited.

I know the internet has its problems, but to my mind it's the single greatest invention to come out of modern times, and it would be an absolute travesty if we were to lose that now. From a personal point of view, I can't even put into words how important this is to me. I've met some of my closest friends through the internet and online fandom, people whom I would likely never have met without it, and it's given me this amazing social support system. I don't want that to end here, and I want to preserve it for future generations so that they can have the same experience and opportunities I've been given through my online interactions.

I know that opinions on the seriousness of copyright infringement and online piracy vary wildly, but that isn't really the point. Internet giants such as Google are opposed to this bill, and it's pretty safe to say that they're not in favour of copyright infringment, as anyone who's ever had a fanvid taken down from YouTube will be painfully aware. Whatever your stance on copyright, this isn't the way to go about dealing with it. This is dangerous legislation that impeaches on some of our most basic human rights, such as the right to privacy and freedom of speech.

So if you're from the UK, please, please sign the petition. If you hail from elsewhere in the world, there may well be similar movements in your own country, but I think the most effective thing anybody can do right now is to keep talking about this. Talk about it on Livejournal, on Twitter, on Tumblr, on Facebook, and anywhere else you can think of. Make sure this issue is never far from people's minds. The internet is an amazingly powerful tool: let's utilise it while we still have the chance.

Please repost and spread the word :)


Please consider reposting this, especially if you have a large proportion of UK flisties. And please consider spreading the word via other platforms: Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, your own personal network.

01 December 2011 @ 01:46 am
what to write here...Collapse )

PS: me want to win Nonchan's bracelet XD
15 September 2011 @ 12:53 am

I DID feel like falling off the chair with this. Of course 315 yen is not a great sum of money, but thinking of paying 50y for every minute we watch, and in a not so good quality, not mention to the fact that the video will only be available for 30 days (I'm bad so I'll rip that then it doesn't matter). Plus, how am I supposed to purchase a cyber stuff in this kind of time, where REAL stuff are being released like there's no tomorrow ? But again, if I pay for this, maybe JE will know that Uchi w Q, ebi or other jrs are still needed and LOVED, so I don't know it any more //runs away// EDIT: it's for charity, so maybe... I'll try. Just turn my back to sntch goods and I'll have more than just sufficient money to buy the vids, but I caan't

As refer to the rumored new JE group, I guess that Kento and Fuma should be in it. SomehowI feel so complicated. I'm not a BIS fan, whether they debut together or not doesn't matter //mean//, but I'm afraid of losing sight of Hokuto if he leaves JE after that... so pray T_T At least I have high confidence that Snowmen won't be in that group

PS: I love my work now. Have been receiving moon cake treats since Monday and most of them are so nice and funny. The salary isn't that great but I have a lot of leisure time to do my thing there (which was allowed) and I study harder thanks to that, then I consider it one of the best part time job a student can get.
23 August 2011 @ 01:21 pm
I feel like it has been ages since I last updated my LJ, except for the one post I made for Hasshi's and Yukirin's b-day. Many things happened since then.

I changed my LJ layout *aaa but why can't I add the background to this layout that I'm using*, then went to Thailand from Aug 7 to 13 (with the initial purpose as to buy Kisumai's single there but failed).

Just when I came back all worked up to find a job, miraculously my friend told me about a gallery in the city's center that is recruiting part-time worker 8D With about 60$ a month, if I can keep this job going, I can afford most of my JE-related demands XD But currently I still don't know how to arrange my schedule between work and school =.=

And recently, I gained more interest in Sound Horizon and AAA, so.... can anyone help me with some suggestions ? (AKB is still in the process of downloading and watching more)

No more comments about Kisumai's new single song and how they're getting more fans now, but I can say that I don't like most of the matter

PS: I'm having waaay too much tag, should edit them soon...
PS2: V6's earphone is so cute and mine is broken..... what I do~~~~~
05 March 2011 @ 12:30 am
I turn 20 this year yeah, I can drink alcohol no, of course it's not what I meant.

Birthday is supposed to be a special day of the year for many people, but not for me. At least, since I stopped having a birthday party at home with family or friends~ about 5 years ago. This year too, I didn't expect much of it, but it somehow turned out to be one of the best birthdays that I've ever had.

Initial signs of a fabulous bdayCollapse )

Greetings from friendsCollapse )

New MSM fic and new SC HD updated, coincidence again~~ but somehow I have a feeling that my bday had so much events

-----Vietnamese speaking time-------

Surprising giftsCollapse )

Party with university classCollapse )

Shounentachi ♥Collapse )

------------Vietnamese again---------------------
birthcake and cầu cơ.......Collapse )

Before going to sleep: Thank you, my parents, my cousin and my friends who gave me one of the best bdays ever
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03 February 2011 @ 02:58 am
Now it's 2:44 AM of Jan 1st in the lunar calendar. For us, now it's the very time to give others our best wishes, So..

Maneki NekoCollapse )

Hope that this cat will bring enough good lucks for any of my friends who saw it, especially for us Vietnamese people who consider this year the year of cats.

Since yesterday, I've been working on the new layout for my FB, LJ and LJ profile and other pages of mine, but ended up leaving out LJ, so still have a lot to do about it >"< I must spend the first 3 days of Lunar New Year Holiday, in which I promised to myself that I won't delete anything, to finish all that I planned. Haven't read any translation for weeks too...

Plus, I've only had 4 hours of sleep and worked a lot yesterday, so off to bed now ^^
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16 January 2011 @ 01:20 am
First of all, happy belated birthday to ran_ran
My week...Collapse )

..that...Collapse )

SartudayCollapse )

Hum, maybe I'll upload Test no Hanamichi episodes...I can't keep them in my HDD anymore, and torrent downloads become inactive so fast. JCD full HD is on its way to my HDD ♥

Go to sleep now, I need energy for a new working week.
01 January 2011 @ 12:01 am
When I started writing this post, there's 34 minutes more until 0h of Jan 1st, 2011 in my place.

last rants..Collapse )

The year's summaryCollapse )

Only 6 minutes left

Arigatou !Collapse )

So, for this last 1 minute
HAPPY NEW YEAR ! 明けましおめでとう!¡Felix año nuevo!
30 December 2010 @ 10:33 pm
More than 30 minutes late

So his birthday is over and it's pointless to say anything now.
Looking forward to seeing a smiley 18 years old Nonchan in next year ♥
29 December 2010 @ 10:01 pm
..BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't have much time left (only 11 minutes)so I want to make it quick

1 minute late but...Collapse )

Err, what more ?

I had many plans for his birthday, but AS EXPECTED from me, I ended up doing nothing *blame me for not having works scheduled properly*
26 December 2010 @ 02:36 am
starting from today until someday, I'm going to be a V6, Arashi, NEWS, HSJ, NYC Boys, NYC and YamaChii haterCollapse )

And when I took another look at MSM's poster in Jan Potato, I realized that only 3rd year members wore jacket, while the other two wore sleeveless vest~ can't wait until the clippings and posters I bought arrive.

Um,..what more..~thanks to all of my friends for your Christmas wishes. My day didn't go my way *just like Dec SC* but there were enjoyable moments too, so maybe it was the best Santa could give a person of ill luck like me T_T
24 December 2010 @ 11:37 pm
Let's just forget that I'm not a kid anymore, and I'm not even Christian, because more than ever, I want to believe in Santa Claus.

Days ago, Sonia asked us if we have ever written a letter to ask for what we want for Christmas, which was a unfamiliar thing to us. But after trying to write one (in which I asked for all knowledge in my head that I won't have to study anymore), I think it must be an interesting thing to write Santa Claus a letter to ask for non-material gifts.

My wishesCollapse )

Merry Christmas ! メリークリスマス !¡Feliz Navidad!
17 December 2010 @ 11:51 pm
Half a month until the final term exam, and I barely have any grammars in my head. I must go on a semi-hiatus until Nonchan's birthday for sure

And it's getting so cold now. For someone who's well-adapted to the temperature of more than 35 degrees, things get quite troublesome when it decreases to under 10 degrees like this. I want to curl up under my blanket *cry*.

Nah, I'll be a good girl anyway and get down to work right now
15 December 2010 @ 11:42 pm
is awesome ♥
Dancer: Mis Snow ManCollapse )
after several times seeing the boys backdancing for TxT, now I'm satisfied enough to see their name introduced in a popular music show, something enough to make up for their being neglected in SC

MSM: scores ! back at BIS's face

scap from video by Suteaka0608j62@YT. Hopefully someone will upload TxT .ts cut soon now there are XD

EDIT: they also appeared in KAT-TUN performance *almost screamed seeing the boys coming out*

Another good news for me in this day was that now Kokushimushou team has allow us to do their performance in Satsuki Festival, yay. As our leader assistant said, they gave us a chance, and all we've got to do is try our best ♥
03 December 2010 @ 11:01 am
..evil boys...IwaFukka rabu...

damn it...s..shirtless

..MSM cooking with evil faces......Tsubasa must have dead eating it...

Nonchan's new hair..Nonchan's devilish face...

...Hikaru looked like crying

.....Nonchan's tiny knot on his head..with glasses....

//failed to be coherent//

29 November 2010 @ 02:41 am
...I've finished watching Como agua para chocolate, yeah, an R-rated one, and that's what we HAVE to watch so that we can write an essay for our teacher about that movie later. Bleh, I don't like it, not because it's r-rated, but because I don't really like that way of being romantic.

Got so many work to do next week and month...the Spanish speaking countries' traditional costumes decorating, the presentation about musical instruments, preparing for the coming final term exam....

Touzai UtagassenCollapse )

Will start doing a friend cut on both FB and LJ tmr....especially in FB, where I'm having too much friends whom I barely talk to. Maybe I'll try to be diligent and do something about my LJ
25 November 2010 @ 06:06 pm
bad news: calendar is going to be released while yen price is raising
sad news: my grade at school is awful = it make things harder to ask money from my parents to buy something *partially because I'm buying 5 manga books regularly every 2 weeks*.
disappointing news: tmr will have new MS, and I will be watching a movie to write an essay about it at that time. The same goes for Saturday, when I will be sitting an exam instead of practicing and going to a concert of El Guincho instead of ranting about Abe's birthday
23 November 2010 @ 12:58 am
This day of mine is full of failure T_T

why did I fail in everything I doCollapse )

But despite making mistake, I still want to keep doing yosakoi, because I'm always smiling when I dance. And the pants of our team is unexpectedly comfortable to be in. I must try my best learning Gokushimushou, that my I can keep being in the male row.
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