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29 March 2015 @ 10:44 am


Nhật ký đu giai chắc phần cuối nếu k nhớ thêm ra gì. Viết trong tình trạng bụng sôi lên như vẫn còn khuẩn tả
1-6pm, nắng nóng mệt mỏi và chen lấn xô đẩy. Hụt toàn bộ package cổ cũ mình đã nhắm, mà sau đó đc cho banner sn Hun và bóng exo, phiu linh thiếu nữ yêu Sái nhưng k đc đáp lại mà toàn có duyên vs Xô :((( chen lấn suýt lạc nhau, còn chui nhầm khu A1

Me and my friend stood at the brown circled area. The artists start performing on the main stage, but most are on the middle stage, thus I got an eyefull of their back yesterday.

~18:30, things felt better when the show had started.
First was a dance intro with led outfit, Key appeared as DJ, then to the artist introduction. EXO was right in front of me and SHINee stood not so far away.

APINK started first, if I don't remember it wrong. They sang LUV, moved to the center stage and continued with Nonono and Mr.Chu (how pathetic of me when I could only remember Nonono's jpn version well). The girls did so much fanservice and were pretty friendly. They noticed and waved, did naughty expression to us who were supposed to be behind them. Eunji even gave out the mic for fans and thumbed up upon seeing everyone knew the song. Bomi was bloody cute as well, she turned around to wave at us many times during group greeting. Now to think about it, all of A Pink went to our corner to greet us during their part.

Knowing no one from GOT7 but they're all cute, however one of the boys looked extremely exhausted, as if he was sick. TeenTop, Sistar and BLOCKB are all good, I enjoyed their perfs despite being unfamiliar to them.

Special stage, Chanyeol on guitar, he and Suho, Xiumin and Chen sang a vietnamese song. Felt like I could just die there. Chanyeol's expressing when he was on guitar is priceless.
Pretty annoyed during EXO part, since so many fans held up phones to record, as well banner, uchiwa, led name board. Concentrated mostly on Kai and Sehun.
As expected from the main dancer, Kai danced well, but I expected better so was a lil bit disappointed. And, he's darker than the Korean members, but I don't think his skin is that dark XD I as well should say that he's quite attractive, in how he looked everything he does.
Unlike his normally cold state, Sehun did wave and smile towards us when he went down stage during Growl (and his butt is not as big as I expected, forgot to pad it up?) When it came to freestyle, the boy put on a foolish expression and spinning around, which was extremely cute (my friend told me he was more energetic during encore, but my eyes must have fixed on Taem in that part).
Chanyeol was so cool when he did his rap part that I could not tear my eyes of that rapping figure in the center of the formation.
Beakhyun made fans happy, he wore the palm-leaf conical hat that fans threw on stage (Kai got one but returned it, sadly)

Got totally blowed up at each and evr perfs of SHINee. Lots of exo fans came, but SHINee had the most stage time. Solo of Taem and Jjong - Danger and Deja-Boo, group perf of Sherlock, Everybody and WSS. Encore with a song quite familiar but cannot think of the name for now.
Since I'm their fan, this could have been only my biased judgement, or it's really because they're a senior group, but WHAT AN SPECTACULAR. Five of them shone the stage with their powerful dance movements and strong vocals, the live performances are unparalleled. As a fan, I could not help being happy to see that many others complimented them as well.
Key also had a special vietnamese stage with JB and Chunji. His voice was unexpectedly and incredibly sweet :( I teared up a lil' listening to him.

During the all artist song Run to you and encore medley, the boys mostly stayed with their group, so no KaiTaem moment :( however at the end, Kai picked up a conical hat and poked the top at Taem's hip to give him (it's also reported that Kai gave another SHINee hat to Jjong, but I was so hyper abt KaiTaem that I saw no other XD)
I missed both chances to see them at the airport *sigh* please come back here :((( or someday I must try to see you.