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01 December 2011 @ 01:46 am
It's a winter miracle 8D  
I didn't notice, but things went REALLY smoothly for the whole day (except for that good-for-nothing jerk that never grows tired of following and saying meaningless words to my ears on my way from home to the bus stop). I had sufficient cash left in my wallet to buy comic book (shouldn't be proud of such shameful thing), solved the problem with my workmate, succeeded in avoiding the said jerk on the way back home. And subbed pz is finally here, well, downloading it will take the whole night, since I'm dl-ing BA as well.

Straight to the topic, HOT SNOW. What can I say, when I saw no hope in MSM, I wished for the DVD repeatedly, believing that it was in vain. Then things turned out to be not. There will be even the blu-ray version, and the bonuses for deluxe version is wonderful. Abe and Sanada's bday surprise, yup, I was talking abt ABE's part here. Guess I'll cling onto this dvd to believe in MSM's future again.

PS: me want to win Nonchan's bracelet XD