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First bird gets worms, but second mouse gets cheese

2 March 1991
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Languages: Vietnamese (my native language), failed English, is currently studying Spanish.
Hobbies: reading manga, listening to music, doodling, waving hands along music
Want to learn Japanese, martial arts, breakdance and hairdressing.
Biggest care now: Johnny’s

Favorite Johnny's groups: Kis-My-Ft2, Mis Snow Man, Question?, Hey! Say! JUMP, KAT-TUN, Kanjani8, Tackey & Tsubasa

Favorite Johnny's

♥ Nozawa Yuuki ♥ is my biggest obsession whom I love like my son *though I'm not that old yet*
♥ Gotou Hiromi is the one whose voice and talents drive me crazy
♥ And ones I care about the most among Jrs
- Fujigaya Taisuke
- Ohta Hiroaki
- Watanabe Haruki
- Shimekake Ryuuya
- Hagiya Keigo & Tanaka Juuri

Favorite OTPs

- Pairings which have seme shorter and older like Hirosuke, NishiYoshi, SanaZawa…
- Pairings in which the 2 boys seem to be always together like Nisen, IwaFukka…


Normally when I don’t like something, I never talk about it to avoid raising my blood pressure, which is not good for my heart (no, I don’t have a high blood pressure lol) but you’d better not talk about those ones with me, except for when you want to bashing them together with me.
- NYC, the most faked unit ever, in which the members are totally unrelated and all of its pairings are made-up stories.
- Arioka Daiki, I just hate the guy for no reason…sorry but just the sight of him makes me feel annoyed enough.
- BIS, unit which is promoted too much just because they’re tagging along NYC and Yuuma and sometimes HSJ, but don’t have any talents or even their looks are average.
Nakajima Kento is the one I hate the most.
Me hating the unit has nothing to do with its members, like in NYC, I don’t like the group but I don’t dislike anyone of it

- I'd love to make new friends, but I’m not likely add ppl that I never talked to before and add me without a reason
- Also, this LJ of mine is a boring one with my rants about fangirling and private life, with nearly no downloads or info, so if you’re adding me friend, the best thing we can come up with is fangirling together XD
- I'm sorry if I offend you with this, but I HATE Arioka Daiki and Nakajima Kento, so I don't know when will I be bashing them and hurt you if it's them that you like

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